Children and
Youth Art Competition

International Children and Youth Art Competition
December 2022 - September 2023
Open For: Children and adolescents aged 5-18 at home and abroad

1. Purpose of the competition:

Family is the cradle of faith and the link of value inheritance. The traditional family plays the function of inheriting morality and maintaining social stability. Through painting, let children express the traditional values of the family and help them move towards a better life.

2. Theme of the work:

Since childhood, we have been taught in family life to treat people with sincerity every day, to not tell lies, to treat people with kindness and compassion every day, to think of others in everything, to be tolerant to the faults of others, to be magnanimous, to convince others with virtue, keep kind thoughts in your heart every day, and if you do a good deed every day, you will get good rewards. Good people in the world will have God's help, and their lives will be happy, healthy and peaceful.

3. Organizers and Co-organizers:

CCTC Chinese International Cultural Tourism Business Development Association (Taiwan)
1. GJW
2. Sounds of Hope (United States),
3. Mingde International Education and Training Center (USA)
4. Lating Shuyuan (Canada)
5. New Hope Education (France)
6. Taiwan-Japan Friendship Exchange Association (Japan)
7. Global Friendship Association (Australia)