International day of family
I love my home
International Children and Youth ART Competition

1. Origin:

Since the 1960s, with the advancement of science and technology and the rapid economic development, children's existing material life has been significantly improved. In Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s, children's childhood toys were marbles, tops, bells, rubber band guns, magic cubes and Nintendo red and white machines. Today, with the advancement of science and technology, the little figures of jumping rubber bands, playing marbles or throwing baseballs in the campus are gone. Most of the children are immersed in the sound and light stimulation of 3C products and become precocious. Recalling the simplicity and simplicity of childhood, parents and teachers can gradually cultivate children's family values ​​and life values ​​from the small details of life. Although now material wealth is convenient, the happiness of the soul is not as pure as before, cultural and social Changes have gradually changed traditional values, and the connection between family members has become weaker. The modern family concept that emphasizes individualism, freedom and fairness has been quite different from the traditional family concept. The family size in modern society has become smaller and the economic type has also changed. The traditional family operation mode is no longer suitable for the modern society. Although the core value of the family is not should be changed. Confucius said: "When a disciple enters, he is filial; when he leaves, he is humble; he is sincere and faithful; he loves all the people; he is friendly and benevolent; 』, and the "filial piety", "ti," "faith", and "love" mentioned in it are a person's values, and traditional family education will establish these good values ​​and behavioral norms. We all know that children are the masters of the future and the hope of the future of the country. This "World Children's Painting Competition" focuses on "I love my family", expressing the core value of the family, in order to retrieve the beautiful characteristics of filial piety, trustworthiness and love in the traditional family concept, and more The kindness and beauty in the hearts of participating children, parents and teachers can be conveyed to every corner of the world through painting.

2. Purpose

  1. Learn and appreciate the daily life of families in different countries and regions by holding the World Children's Drawing Competition.
  2. Strengthen the core value of the family and correct the atmosphere.
  3. Inspiring and awakening children, parents and teachers to find the kindness and beauty in their hearts.
  4. Recognize and encourage children and children to advance confidently in the future through participation in competitions and honors.

3. Event date:

From now until April 15, 2022, the registration deadline
Preliminary finalists in Taiwan: Announced on April 23, 2022
Finalists in Taiwan: Announced on June 18, 2022
US Regional Rematch Awards: Announced on May 15, 2022

4. The handling unit:

  1. Guiding unit: Ministry of the Interior (inviting in succession)
  2. Organizer:
    Preliminary Competition in Taiwan:
    CCTC Chinese International Cultural Tourism Business Development Association (Taiwan)
    U.S. Quarterfinals:
    Matilda International Training Center (United States)
  3. Co-organizers:
    1.Sounds of Hope (United States)
    2.Mingde International Education and Training Center (USA)
    3.Lating Shuyuan (Canada)
    4.New Hope Education (France)
    5.Taiwan-Japan Friendship Exchange Association (Japan)
    6.Global Friendship Association (Australia)
    7.CCTC Chinese International Cultural Tourism Business Development Association (Taiwan)
  4. Assist-organizers: (inviting in succession)
    The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Chengchi University, THE JUNIOR HIGH DIVISION OF THE AFFILIATED SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF NTNU, Department of Education, Taoyuan,HsinChu Kuang-Fu High School, Education Department of Maoli County Government, Department of Education Taichung City Government , Changhua County Government Education Office,Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Chiayi University. Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Chiayi University, Tainan City Bridge Elementary School, Kaohsiung Jhongyun Junior High School, Pingtung County Government Education Bureau, Hualien County Government Education Office, National Taitung University Affiliated Experimental National Primary School, National Penghu Marine & Fishery Vocational High School, Lianjiang County Government Education Office,Social Education of New Taipei City
    Tai'an Hospital, the Republic of China Charity Association, the Taipei SME Honorary Instructor Association, the National Small and Medium Enterprise Inter-industry Exchange Tianjian Association, the corporate legal person Taipei City Construction Management Association, the corporate legal person China Metropolis Association, the foundation legal person Taoyuan Spinal Cord Injury Potential Development Center, New Taipei City Purple Lotus Charitable Foundation, Aiwei Mercy Home for Disabled, Institute for the Blind of Taiwan, Happy Mount Colony, UTC food corporation Co., Ltd., Wanxing Education Foundation, ACTIVE SPORTS Co., Ltd., Ventti Construction & Development Co., Ltd., CJ Chen Architects Associates , Dragonseas Co., Ltd., Jinzhaowei Advertising Co., Ltd.
  5. Awarding unit: each shortlisted contestant (Taiwan area).
  6. Sponsors: all organizations, corporations and individuals. Download Sponsorship Program(In Chinese)

  7. Judges:
    Artemis Wang
    Bei Tsui (Yang, Tsui-Hua)
    Chen Xiaoping
    HUANG Wei Ting
    Jason Sun
    Liao Tzu-Lun
    Tiffany Hsieh
    Xu Meiling