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2024“I Love My Family” International Children and Youth Art Competition
May 2024 - April 2025
Open For: Children and adolescents aged 5-18 at home and abroad
Theme of the Work: Since childhood, we have been taught by our family to treat people with sincerity, to not tell lies, to be kind, to think of others first, to be tolerant of others, to show others virtue, and to always keep kind thoughts in your heart, these are all acts of compassion. Good deeds will be rewarded, and good people will receive God’s help to live a happy and meaningful life. There are many small things in life that, if done with care, can easily achieve "great courage in small acts of kindness"; kindergarten to high school groups can register by submitting hand-drawn creations based on this theme.

International Children and Youth Art Competition Notes:

  1. Participants are not allowed to share email registration (group registration is not limited to this)
  2. The work cannot be updated after successful registration. Please make sure it is the final work before registering (if there is any problem with the uploaded image, the organizer will proactively notify you of the replacement)
  3. If overseas contestants want to claim their participation prizes, please be sure to check the [Receive physical certificates and prizes] option and ask the organizer to assess the shipping costs based on the mailing address and inform them via email before remittance.
  4. The winners (including the top three and outstanding works) must receive their awards at the award ceremony held by the association. If you are unable to come, please fill out the information and send it back to the association within 2 weeks of the announcement of the rankings to facilitate accounting! If you are late, the prize money will be donated to the association, and a receipt will be issued and returned to the winner.
  5. Please write or call to inquire about relevant individual circumstances.

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