‘I Love My Home’ International Art Competition for Young People

International Drawing Competition for Young People
January 2022 – April 15 2022

1. Participants:

Young people aged 9-15years, from any country.

2. The theme of the art work:

Mutual help and cooperation in the family. Including family elders and children. The portrayal of traditional values and behaviors such as coping with conflict.

3. Participating groups:

  • ■Young Children (9-10 years old)
    Date of Birth April 1, 2011 – March 31, 2013
  • ■Children Group A (11-12 years old)
    Date of Birth April 1, 2009 – March 31, 2011
  • ■Adolescent Group B (13-15 years old)
    Date of Birth April 1, 2006 – March 31, 2009

4. Requirements for art works:

12×18 inch paper,
Drawing can be any medium, watercolor, crayon, or oil painting,
8 million pixels (10Mb), any length and width (recommended 1600X900 ratio, A3 size)

5. How to apply:

There is no registration fee, please fill in the form and send a photo and description of artwork to the following website: https://cctc.taipei/en/register
Submit a painting with your email address.

6. Awards:

Taiwan Preliminary Competition:
Participation Award, Finalist Award (several locations)
United States All Regions Final Awards:
First Prize 1 participant from each division $300 USD
Second Prize 1 participant from each division $200 USD
Third Prize 1 participant from each division $100 USD
Award of Merit 1 participant from each division $50 USD
a. In case that two artworks receive the same score, both will be awarded the same prize.
b. Prizes can be awarded as the participant’s local currency instead of USD.
c. All participants will receive one year of free online class of elite leadership seminars ($500 value).

7. Deadline for artworks: April 15, 2022

8. Dates of the regional shortlist:

Preliminary finalists (in Taiwan): April 23, 2022
Awards for the preliminary competition (in Taiwan): April 23, 2022
Final Awards in North American: All Regional Entries May 15, 2022

9. Evaluation Criteria:

Conform to the theme 40%, composition 10%, technical performance 25%, color use 25%.

10. Conditions and requirements for the competition:

  1. It must be the original work of the contestant. Parents and teachers are not allowed to draw on their behalf, but can participate in the discussion of the theme content and technical guidance.
  2. Entrants of the works are required to provide a text description of the works (about 100-150 words).
  3. If the works that have participated in other competitions or are accepted by another competition, they are not allowed to register for this competition.

11. Copyright:

The copyright of the work belongs to the author, but the organizer has the right to use the copyright of the work. The organizer does not assume any legal responsibility caused by the author’s intentional or unintentional use.

12. Organizers and Sponsors:

Preliminary Competition in Taiwan:
CCTC Chinese International Cultural Tourism Business Development Association (Taiwan)
U.S. Final Competition and Awards:
Matilda International Training Center (United States)
1.Sounds of Hope (United States)
2.Mingde International Education and Training Center (USA)
3.Lating Shuyuan (Canada)
4.New Hope Education (France)
5.Taiwan-Japan Friendship Exchange Association (Japan)
6.Global Friendship Association (Australia)
7.CCTC Chinese International Cultural Tourism Business Development Association (Taiwan)

13. Contact:

Preliminary finalists in Taiwan Region
Email: ventti0910@gmail.com
All Regions North American Final Awards:
Email: drawingcompetition2022@gmail.com
Instagram: artclass_77